Using Colloidal Silver For Dogs Or Pets

Colloidal Silver can be used for your dog or any pet you have. If your pet is unwell you can put a tablespoon of colloidal silver in their water for their health.

Colloidal silver gel is also great to apply to any wounds they have. I have used the gel on my own dog when she sliced half of her back toe off when she step on some glass. We only applied the gel within 7 days her toe was healed.

You can also use the spray for wounds if your pet is not the patient type and doesn’t like being touched when they have a wound. Using the spray you don’t have touch the wound just spray it. Colloidal Silver Spray is also great for when your dog has eye problems.

Collodial Silver can also be used on cats in the same way.

More information on using on dogs and Cats

Colloidal Silver For Dogs

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