Colloidal Silver For Dogs

Colloidal silver for dogsOn the weekend our dog Jess came down very sick. I seen her outside struggling to go to the toilet. When she came inside she was walking very slowly and didn’t seem herself. Over the next hour she just got worse she could hardly walk and then she just wasn’t moving.

I got really worried about her and decided to give her some colloidal silver. I got a nasal spray bottle and used it to squirt colloidal silver in her mouth. I did that every half an hour for 2 hours after that time she got up walked outside and was able to go to toilet fine, but was a bit gastric. I now assumed she had had a upset stomach, she was feeling very hot to touch. I continued with colloidal silver every hour and now she was happy for us to give her bigger doses I took the top of the nasal spray bottle and used the small bottle to tip some in her mouth.

After 4 hours we went down to every 2 hours of colloidal silver doses. By that night she was a lot more herself, she ate dinner but then went and slept the whole night. The next day she was her happy self again and as if nothing had happened.

If you are buying colloidal silver from this site and you have a dog or pet that you may have to give it colloidal silver liquid to at some stage let me know when you order colloidal silver liquid and I will put in a free spraybottle for you. Then you can use the bottle to spray into the pets mouth.
Our pets are very dear to us and I know that on the weekend I got a real scare with Jess and I am thankful that I had the colloidal silver there for her to take.

Colloidal Silver Gel on Dogs

Colloidal Silver Gel is the main product I use on Jess. I have found this to be a real wonder product on her. Just recently she burnt  both front paws, the back pads on her front paws she had burnt the skin off. yeh ouch hey!  She did it by following me down to the front gate which is nearly 2 klms away and decided she would follow me half the track to the gate is gravel, it was a really hot day and I thought I would leave her at home in the cool while I went and put up the new mail box at the gate.  So she couldn’t walk with no skin on her front paws. So I just put the colloidal silver gel on them bandaged them and also put in some foam in the bandage to help when she walked. 1st day I changed the bandages every 3 hours and applied more gel .After 2 days bandage’s were off and then I went to the colloidal silver spray. 4 days later  they were healed and she was walking around normally.  Now even I was shocked at how fast she healed.

In summer Jess is really good chewing around her tail, she chews it so much she creates sores all around her tail area. When she does this I just spray it with the colloidal silver spray 3 times a day until its gone. Usually its fleas that causes her to chew there in summer.

These are just some of ways I have used Colloidal Silver with my dog Jess. Jess is a cross between a Great Dane, Mastif and Ridgeback. She is a big dog that weighs 55 kilo’s.  So if you have a smaller dog and want to give it Colloidal Silver Liquid  then go by the children’s dosage on the label. I would give Jess normal adult dosage because she is so big.  But if you have a very small dog then give it half of the children’s dosage.  From research I have done, there has been no harm caused to dogs by giving it Colloidal Silver and as you can read on here this is all I have used on Jess for the last 4 years since I have been making it.