Colloidal Silver For Cats – Cats Diseases

A lot of people ask if colloidal silver products can be used on cats. Because I don't own a cat and none my friends do either I haven't been able to give my own personal experience in using colloidal silver on cats even though it is safe to use on all animals. But just yesterday a customer sent me this testimonial about how she used the colloidal silver gel on her cats eye. So I have posted here what Margaret sent to me with her permmision.

Just want to let you know that I have  used your colloidal silver gel on  one of my cats horribly swollen cherry eye with puss in it. With in an hour there was improvement within 2 hour's  she was able to open her eye within next few hour's (I kept putting the gel hourly) the swelling in here eye got 70 % smaller now after 1 day there is  nothing there almost. I am shocked. You have saved me $300 usd trip to the vet. Thats just hard to believe I know its a gel but this thing would not heal within 2 hours  ever. Its a wonderful product to use with animals couse it does not smell does not burn. I am in shock. Its a shame  that nobody knows about this product.

I asked Margaret if I could use her testimonial on my site and she replied:

I just sent for that purpose …because i want everybody to know about it…it was a year in my drawer until few days ago i had a chance to try it and I am suprised with the result this eye was so bad my cat could not even open its eye…within 2 hours it was open and started clearing WOW..this reminds me when i have  been in  a  local animal shelter they have  a lot of  cats  with that type eye infection big swollen eye with puss coming out…that could be  easy fixed if someone would get them that product……now all my friends want me to give them some to try lol….

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